We’re looking for writers, and we know you’re out there

The Tab Belfast has just celebrated it’s first anniversary, and we want more writers with fresh ideas to help expand Belfast’s most important student paper with thousands of unique readers every week.


We’re first with news that matters to students, such as the arsonist spree in the Holylands, a creepy catfish targeting students, and what it’s like to be a mum at Uni.


Look how fun we are

If you have an eye for news, a taste for what students are interested in, or just want to make a name for yourself, The Tab Belfast is the place for you.


Even bouncers love us

Working with The Tab is a great thing for budding journalists to have on their CV, and with a HQ in London there’s countless opportunities:

  • Work experience at the Mail on Sunday, The Sun The Times and BuzzFeed, plus many more.
  • Invitations to our regular socials, our massive summer party and the semi-legendary Tab Christmas curry.

There’s also the chance to pursue a career in journalism at the Nationals or at our London office, as past alumni have done.


No experience is needed, we’re looking for people who are fun,eager and want to try their hand at journalism.


Whether you want to be the next Charlie Brooker,want to boost your CV, or just enhance your Uni experience, The Tab is ideal.

If you’re interested, email editor@belfasttab.co.uk with two ideas for Tab articles.

If you would like more information or have any questions, drop us an email.