Most embarrassing things we all do while exhausted from studying

If you can’t laugh at yourself who will eh? Here’s a list of the top 10 mistakes you could make when exhausted after a marathon study session. Just sit back, relax and procrastinate….


QUB rowers to compete in Commonwealth Regatta

Team NI are sending 5 rowers from Queen’s to the Commonwealth Regatta covering two days from the 9th-10th of August in Strathclyde Park. And you thought your summer was exciting.


Just graduated? London will suck out your soul and your money

Heading for the Big Smoke? Turn around. You can’t afford it and you’re not even welcome


I went to Winterfell and it was a building site

Warning: If you don’t like Game of Thrones, you won’t even slightly understand this article

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New £16m development will house 400 students in city centre accommodation

College Square East, previously owned by Belfast Metropolitan College, will become a new home for hundreds of students.


Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan will NOT face rape charges

Police say no further action will be taken


We asked some grown ups for their patronising advice about uni

Ever wondered on what it might be like to finish uni, pay a mortgage and experience more than one 7 o’ clock a day?


This Lancashire night club video will make you believe in fun again

Watch the ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ crew absolutely having it

Today's Carnage punters are tomorrow's Jeremy Kyle guests

You have to be a moron to go to Carnage

We’ve long believed it about the popular bar crawl but after four Cardiff girls beat up a homeless person, we guess it’s official: the only people who like Carnage are twats


It’s official, BOX is Belfast’s worst night out

You’ve voted and complained all week, now check out which clubs are the worst in Belfast right here.

Goodbye Tetley, hello Peppermint!

5 ways to help you get some bloody sleep

We’ve all had trouble sleeping at one point or another. These five hints might help you out…especially if you’re reading this in the early hours.

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