Remember Wolf of Wall Street

Queen’s student Mannix McAllister has produced possibly the finest piece of Northern Irish cinema since The Frostbite Guy with a bizarre ode to his microscooter.

Creatively titled The Man on The Micro-Scooter, the video parodies The Wolf of Wall Street (partly because the creator liked the similarity between the M’s and W’s).


Engineering student Mannix discovered his love for the alternative form of transport before starting uni.

He said: “In my final few years of school the bus was always late, and school was the sort of distance than was perfect for a microscooter.

“It meant I could just fold it up when I got there and not have to lock up a bike or worry about flat tires, plus I could save the bus fare.”


It even featured on his birthday cake

The video should be viewed not just as entertainment, but as educational, according to its creator.

Mannix says: “I want to show people that the scooter can be a viable means of transport for short distances, and hopefully a few people might start using scooters because of it.

“And I wanted to do it with a bit of comedy.”


The scooter follows wherever he goes

The video mirrors iconic scenes from the much parodied Wolf of Wall Street film (which is now two years old).

On his choice of film, the second year said: “It was a massive movie that everyone can relate to.

“Sometimes when i cut across roads some people refer to it as being dodgy, a bit like what’s happening in The Wolf of Wall Street in a way.”


But despite these few incidents of road rage, response to the second year’s mode of transport, which takes him around QUB campus and back home, has been mostly positive.

“To be fair to everyone I’ve got very little criticism at all, the only thing was when i did the Belfast marathon on it.

“Nearly every specatator was like ‘that’s cheating’.”

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    Was this filmed on a potato?

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    Honestly, this isn’t a bad idea.

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    Very common in London.