Gingers rejoice

Scientists at Queen’s have invented a bracelet which will revolutionise the way we sunbathe.

The band will come in useful for the many fair skinned people of Northern Ireland as it warns when the sun’s rays reach dangerous levels, decreasing the risk of a painful burn.

Dr David Hazafy,from the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, focuses on photocatalysis technology through a company he has set up called “Sun Catalyst Laboratories”.

Photocatalysts use energy from the sun to react with dye in the wristband so that it turns from blue to colourless, just before UV rays hit dangerous levels.

Dr Hazafy was awarded £85,000 by the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprises Fellowship to help with research for the product.



Grainne McKinney, English third year and ginger who fears the sun, explains that the band will “definitely make a big difference”.

“Now I can safely go out into the sun without the fear I might burn into a crisp.

“Though it is a shame the bracelet is blue. Clashes with my hair.”

The bracelet will also be sensitive to skin type so depending on the individual wearing it the colour will change at different speeds. Good news for sun dodgers and shadow creatures.

The Dr plans on having his “simple and inexpensive”product on shop shelves soon but advises that the bracelet be worn alongside sun cream as it acts as a warning, not protection.

Make sure to get this hot new accessory in time for the summer. It’s bound to be a big SS15 trend.